International Students

  • Tuition Fees: At FAU tuition is free. However, students have to pay a fee of 128 Euros for student services and basic public transportation.
  • Visa: Before coming to Germany you need to check the visa requirements for your case. For further information see the Visa Information provided by DAAD.
  • Working Permit: If you are interested in complementing your financial resources by working in Germany, you should consult this page to find out how to obtain a working permit.
  • Health Insurance: In Germany you will generally need to be covered by a health insurance. Several major insurance companies have branch offices in Erlangen. For more information on the types of insurances offered and your eligibility you should consult TF International Office, FAU Central Office for International Affairs or the Student Health Insurance Information site. The Studentenwerk Erlangen also offers helpful advice.
  • Scholarships: Currently CME does not offer full scholarships. Interested students can also apply for scholarships via organizations like DAAD or BAYHOST. See also the scholarships page of FAU.
  • International Students at FAU: The official university website offers practical information for prospective students.