Prospective students should have a solid basis and working knowledge in Engineering Mathematics, Signals and Systems, Communications and Stochastic Signals. Prior knowledge of the German language is not necessary, as all courses will be taught in English.

The CME program expects a background in:

  • Engineering math: linear algebra, complex analysis, linear differential equations, Fourier transform, Laplace transform, z-transform, probability and random variables
  • Signals and Systems (textbook, e.g., Oppenheim/Willsky: Discrete-time Signals and Systems)
  • Communications (textbook, e.g., Haykin: Communication Systems)
  • Stochastic Signals (textbook, e.g., Pillai/Papoulis: Probability, Random Variables, and Stochastic Processes)
  • Software: C/C++, MATLAB, Python (e.g., Preparation Course for Python (PCP))