CME Concept

Communications and multimedia technologies have experienced a rapid growth within the last few years and have attained a high economic importance worldwide. This progress is mainly driven by theoretical achievements based on highly complex mathematical concepts and algorithms, and by the application of modern abstract methods. Examples are numerous in digital speech, audio and video coding and processing, digital transmission and communication networks. In many cases, a few very young scientists with outstanding intellectual and creative abilities join in their efforts and drive technical progress to market success. With this in mind CME wants to provide you with a solid basis for reaching out for your individual ambitious goals.

The four-semester curriculum starts in winter and includes a six-months thesis project. During the first two semesters, broadening and deepening the theoretical basis and establishing firm links with its application in communication and multimedia assumes priority. The third semester offers ample opportunity for pursuing individual interests by choosing from a broad spectrum of elective courses and completing a research internship. Finally, the master thesis project allows the students to apply the gained knowledge to highly topical research and development challenges. All courses are taught in English and do not require prior knowledge of the German language. Nevertheless acquiring German language knowledge is fundamental to open the door to a local career, and therefore German language courses are an important component of the CME curriculum.